Environment and ethics

For us at Pathfinder Travels, it is important to increase awareness regarding environmental issues and meet the ethical challenges associated with international travel activities. Travelling itself means that we affect the living environments of others, which can be both positive and negative.

We strive for collaboration with small, local entrepreneurs who take social and environmental responsibility for their operations. The hope is that in the long-term, this will encourage development in the area we are visiting. Together with local partners, we are continuously evaluating what affect our travels have on that particular location.

We have even chosen to cooperate and support various organisations that actively work with important environmental and fairness issues.

Leave No Trace

Pathfinder Travels is a member of and supports the American environmental protection organisation ‘Leave No Trace’. By starting from the motto ‘Leave No Trace’, we as a travel promoter and you as a guest reduce the ‘footprint’ that we leave behind at our travel destination. Read more about what you can do to limit your affect on the nature you visit.



International Porter protection group

The use of local businesses can create an increased value for us as a promoter and you as a guest. The local actors have extensive knowledge to pass on and thus deepen the cultural understanding. This creates positive effects within the local economy. For us, it is vital that our local guides and porters have proper and safe working conditions. Hence, we have chosen to support the organisation IPPG, which works towards securing and strengthening the interests of guides and porters worldwide. Read more.

Environmental calculator

The majority of our trips are by air travel. Unfortunately, this is not the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. As the same time, flying creates the conditions for us to travel far. To compensate for the emissions from flying, we are collaborating with Climatefriendly, which offers the sales of CO2 quotas that neutralise your flight. To become CO2 neutral, go to 







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