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To make it easier for you to choose the trip for which you have the ability to carry out, we use a two-scale grading system to define to difficulty of our ski trips, hikes and alpine touring.

We have a grading table for our hiking trips and alpine touring trips and another table for our ski trips. The grading system is explained through a short description and the table you find below.

To climb over 6,000 metres requires extremely good physical condition, especially with regards to heart and lungs. From approximately 5,000 metres, some cannot handle the altitude – this experience can only be obtained on site. You can read more about technical difficulty and physical condition in the table below.

With these descriptions, we want to provide you a rough idea of what your level should be for the trip or expedition to be as enjoyable and memorable an experience as possible. You are always welcome to consult us by telephone or e-mail if you feel uncertain about this assessment regarding technical ability and physical condition, before you book the trip.

The grading system

The two-scale system to grade difficulties means the following:

  • One number (1-3) implies the technical difficulty
  • One letter (A-D) implies the physical condition you should have.

Difficulty 1-3

Our numerical grading indicates the trip’s technical difficulty. The higher the number, the more extensive your skiing and boarding experience should be. 

1. Medium skiing experience. You ski red trails without any problems. No previous off-piste or alpine touring experience required.

2. Good experience with skiing in varying snow conditions. Certain off-piste or alpine touring experience and a slight experience from abseiling, using crampons and ice tools are good to know.

3. Extensive skiing experience. You must be proficient in skiing steeps in all types of snow. Experience of both alpine touring and more extensive experience of alpine climbing is needed, among others regarding rope handling, climbing and belaying with ice tools and crampons, as well as basic knowledge in avalanche and glacier rescue.

Condition A-C

Our alphabetical grading indicates the level of physical condition and what is required of you to fulfil the trip.

A. Medium-good condition. Only a backpack for day tours will be carried (up to 10 kg).

B. Good condition is expected based on easier training, such as 5 km running or strength training at the gym, or that you have skied a lot. Expedition backpacks with up to 20 kg will be carried, though only for shorter periods, on downhills or at low altitudes.

C. A relatively high level of conditioning and stamina required. You must be able to carry a backpack (20-25 kg) for several days. You run regularly 10-20 km per week, strength train often or have skied extensively.


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