Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2024

In 2024, the Banff Mountain Film Festival is back with its annual fall tour – and this time, it’s the 20th year in Scandinavia. Get ready for a full evening of jaw-dropping mountain films straight from the Canadian Rockies in Banff. It’s gonna be an epic night of adventure and inspiration

Since 2003, we at Pathfinder have been touring with a selection of films from the international Banff Film Festival in Canada. The 2024 tour kicks off at the Kulturhuset in Falun on September 25th.

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The Banff Mountain Film Festival is the world’s largest film festival showcasing films in the categories of mountain sports and experiences. In Scandinavia and Finland, the indoor cinema tour attracts thousands of visitors every fall. The screenings in Sweden have been organized by Pathfinder Travels since 2003.

Tour plan 2024


25 September Falun – RED
1 October Malmö – BLUE
2 October Lund – RED
3 October Växjö – RED – New!
3 October Östersund – BLUE
7 October Stockholm – RED
8 October Stockholm – BLUE
9 October Stockholm – RED
10 October Stockholm – BLUE
11 October Stockholm – RED
25 October Norrköping – RED
20 October Göteborg – RED
21 October Göteborg – BLUE
22 October Göteborg – RED
23 October Göteborg – BLUE


28 October Copenhagen – RED
29 October Copenhagen – BLUE
30 October Aarhus – RED


15 October Helsinki – RED
16 October Helsinki – BLUE


30 September Tromsø – RED
1 October Tromsø – BLUE
4 November Oslo – RED
5 November Oslo – BLUE
6 November Oslo – RED
7 November Oslo – BLUE

OPEN AIR 2024 – free for all (Outdoor cinema)

Stockholm – Rålambshovsparken – 10 August
Oslo – Töyenparken – 24 August
Göteborg – Slottsskogen – 31 August

Film programs 2024 – Cinema tour

For this year’s 2024 indoor screenings, we’re bringing you two film programs: RED and BLUE. The programs don’t have specific themes, both are a mix of the absolute best from the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Canada. Get ready for a mind-blowing blend of epic films

Festival Partners 2024

Huge shoutout and thanks to our partners who are making this tour possible! We couldn’t do it without your support and we’re stoked to have you on board.

What is the Banff Mountain Film Festival?

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is the ultimate film competition celebrating the world of mountain sports and experiences. It’s the largest of its kind, where films showcasing epic adventures and thrilling mountain pursuits compete for various awards. The range of films is unparalleled, covering genres like adventure, travel, skiing, climbing, kayaking, cycling, documentaries, short films, feature films, and even animated films. Basically, you can expect to see a little bit of everything at the festival

World Tour

Right after the festival, a global tour kicks off, featuring a selection of the best films. The tour, known as the “World Tour,” attracts over 600,000 people across 1,200 screenings in 50 countries! For more information about the festival, visit At Pathfinder, we’ve been organizing screenings of the festival in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark since 2003.

More on our partners

Here at Tenson, The Swedish Outdoor Brand™, we continue to build our future upon the strength of our proud 70+ year history, so it makes perfect sense for Tenson to be long-term partners of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Scandinavia + Finland.


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