Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour postponed due to Covid-19

Since 2003 we have brought the best films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival to Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. This year will, unfortunately, be an exception due to Covid-19. We hope we can do safe screenings in the fall of 2021. Stay safe and see you in the mountains.

We are really sad to announce that we have to postpone the 2020 fall tour of the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark due to Covid-19. We are, as it is now, hoping to be able to do safe screenings in the fall of 2021. Stay safe and stay tuned!

NOTE! All the films are either in english or subtitled in english

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an international film competition featuring the world’s best footage on mountain subjects. The festival began in 1976 and is held annually on the first weekend in November in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Tour schedule in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark


Immediately after the Festival ends in November, a selection of the best films go on tour across Canada, the United States, and internationally from Scotland to South Africa to China, Lebanon, Chile, New Zealand, Antarctica, and points in between. Each year, the films travel to 40 countries reaching more than 600,000 people at over 1 200 screenings.

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We are subject to the provisions of the Swedish Travel Guarantees Act (1972:204) and have lodged a travel guarantee with Swedish Kammarkollegiet.