Autumn hike in Sarek

Untouched, big, wild and quiet - Welcome to Sarek, Europe's last wilderness. On this trip you will hike safely with our experienced mountain leader Daniel. If you are looking for an adventure far from corrected hiking trails with an almost vibrant presence of nature, you have found the right one. Experience Sarek in its burning autumn robe.

This adventure takes place in early September when the colors shift to yellow, red and orange. There is snow on the tops and there may be thin ice on the lakes. Sarek is an area not adapted for tourism and there are not much more than a handful of Sami cottages and bridges in the area. Together with our mountain leader Daniel Vilhelmsson Wesén, you now get the opportunity to test yourself and develop your knowledge as we travel through an area that is popularly called Europe’s last wilderness.

My wife Emelie and I did this hike in mid-September 2017. We had a number of friends with us and in Saltoluokta, the final destination of the hike, we got married. This area and destination is for me close to my heart and now you have the opportunity to share this for me special adventure.

– Daniel Vilhelmsson Wesén, guide

We travel about 15 km a day in a terrain with moderate height differences. The practical implementation is interspersed with reflective discussions. We will have to carry out a number of steps along the tour as well as some hiking in very rocky terrain. Sarek is a demanding and weather-exposed area that is not risk-free to hike in. The adventure is suitable for experienced hikers.

The day to day program is to be considered preliminary and is subject to change depending on weather and water levels. However, the plan is to carry out the tour according to the program.

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Trip facts

Trip length9 dagar
Group sizeMin 4, max 12 personer

Included in the trip

  • Experienced mountain leader, nature and wilderness guide with good local knowledge
  • Planning meeting in the Gothenburg area – one night’s overnight stay
  • Personal advice regarding regarding equipment, packing and food
  • Accommodation one night at STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station. Accommodation in multi-bed rooms. Sheets included.
  • Two-course dinner on the day of arrival as well as breakfast and lunch before departure at STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station
  • Boat transport from Ritsem to Änomjálmne, Svinnje to Sitojaure and Saltoluokta to Kebnats across Lake Langas
  • Common safety equipment including satellite communications


Not included in the price of the trip

  • Travel to Ritsem and travel home from Saltoluokta
  • Personlig utrustning
  • Personal equipment
  • Personal insurance
  • Drinks, food and snacks

Questions and booking

Do you have questions regarding this trip? Do you want to send us a notification of interest or make a booking?
Contact us on +46 31-707 00 80 or or send an email to

Daily itinerary


We arrive in Ritsem early afternoon. We start the day by taking the boat together across Lake Akkajaure to Änomjálmne. Once on the other side of the lake, we hike below the tree line and pass after a few kilometers the STF Akka mountain cabin. Maybe we’ll say hello to the cabin host as we pass. We take the bridge over Vuojatädno to the queen Ahkka of the mountains. We are now at the tree line and there is a gap between the trees. We continue to walk along the summer trail south towards Gisuris. The trail is used extensively during the summer and many people run or walk this popular trail down to Kvikkjokk mountain station. We gradually adapt to the weight of the backpack, the weather, being outside for a long time and each other’s company. In the evening we arrive at the three-park meeting where Sarek, Stora sjöfallet and Padjelanta meet. Here we will set up our tents for the evening.

Distance ~15km. Total climb ~200m


We don’t get any closer to the Gisuris cottages than this. Between the suspension bridges we turn off the trail and head towards Nijak. During this stretch, we make our way out above the tree line. We follow paths trodden by visitors and animals for a long time. We pass the reindeer keeper’s cottage up there on a hill and camp a bit from this with a view of, among other things. Kantberget and Gavelberget, If the weather permits and there is daylight left, there is the possibility of taking an evening walk without a backpack up on a nearby peak.

Distance ~19km. Total climb ~400m


We wake up in Ruohtesvágge, a powerful experience. We hopefully see all the mountains around us. Perhaps or most likely there is snow on the peaks. The mountain “burns” with all the autumnal colors and it is perhaps a little chilly when we pack up for our upcoming day. We continue down the valley. Walks a little on the trails and if it works down by the water on the sandbanks and vegetation on the side. It’s a bit reminiscent of the Sound of Music. It feels wild. We round and lose some height as we approach Skarja. We pass the outhouse and then the emergency cabin. Here you can seek shelter for a while and, if necessary, leave a travel message. We don’t stop any more than we have time to see and experience the place before we cross one of the few bridges in this area and look down at the flowing water. We camp near the Máhtumågåsj watercourse. Cooking, talking about the day and looking out over the landscape and tomorrow’s “climbing”.

Distance ~16km. Total climb ~330m


We hope for good weather when we wake up and leave. We follow the paths further along the edge. We make a visit up to Bielavárásj or the coffee hill as I (Daniel) call it. Magical but all too often too cold to sit for a long time. We take altitude and make our way up for perhaps the hardest and most challenging part of the whole adventure. It is steep and can be slippery, it is important to take it easy here but also to stop and have time to enjoy where we actually are. When we get up, we wait everyone in and have coffee before we do the last push to lake Snávvájávrre where we find a suitable place for us to camp. Often it is noticeable here that we have taken height, it is colder. It may blow more and we may be hiding more in the tents. It is a special landscape in many ways. In the afternoon/evening we might have a chance at Låddebákte. A hike of 3-4 hours.

Distance ~9km. Total climb ~430m


We do the usual morning chores and walk further along the lake. We might hum the meatball song (from a commercial) “and I will walk 500 miles” or “These boots are made for walking” while legs roll on by themselves. We’ve gotten into the lunk and the routines are sitting better now. We approach the edge and downhill down to the Rapa valley. Here we will take several breaks during the descent. The first is at a small lake.
We leave the backpack here and go and stand on a small hill overlooking Predator Square, the Rapa Valley, and maybe Nammatj far away. We then go down to the tree line and if the weather permits, we rest a little and enjoy the spectacle of nature. If we are lucky, we have bare ground, the wind brings leaves from the trees and autumn shows itself from its best side. Once below the tree line, we turn left. We get out and follow the edge of the sandbanks and finally find a suitable place to camp at Alep Vássjájågåsj. In the evening we can walk a little on the sandbanks and scout for moose.

Distance ~14km. Total climb ~400m


We continue hiking in the Rapa Valley surrounded by deciduous forest on small paths and the sandbank. We check out a waterfall and then take compass direction back to the classic path. We round the Lulep Spadnek and after a few streams we leave the path to take height. Our goal is to get up over the tree line up to a peak marked with numbers 1081 south of Suorkitjåhkka. Here we will camp with fantastic views on a slightly flatter surface on the slopes.

Distance ~12km. Total climb ~580m


We carefully walk on the boulders and take the time to enjoy the stunning views of the Selet, Skierfe and Nammatj. We carefully walk on the boulders and take our time so the steps are sitting. We have lots of rock here. We hope for dry ground as everything becomes safer as we pass. We later make our way down to more even ground on which we have lunch. We force the willow thicket and go up the path north of Skiefe. We leave the packing there when we visit the top. When we feel ready, we take the compass direction and walk towards Kungsleden and Svinnje where we will camp.

Distance ~20km. Total climb ~780m


Today you take down the tent for the last time during this tour. We go on the morning boat to Sitojaure and hike there on the King’s Trail north to Saltoluokta. After our tour in Sarek, this route is relatively easy. However, we have some distance to take. The backpack is at its lightest today as we have eaten most of the food in it. Maybe we’ll eat our last Snickers today? At 4 pm we are supposed to arrive at the mountain station. In Saltoluokta, shower, soft beds and good food await. A cozy main building with chairs and a small shop with postcards and maybe some salty chips.

Distance ~20km. Total climb ~190m


We wake up in a bed after an extended period of time in the field. Some sleep well while others may find it strange not to have the cold and the wind next to them. Anyway! We meet in the dining room for breakfast. Maybe you’ve found some of the morning slippers you can borrow, stuck outside the entrance with coffee and magical views or taken an extra shower. After breakfast, we set the pack outside the scratch and take a turn around the station to check out the old-growth forest and to have a small closed meeting with feedback on the tour. We have lunch at the station and then we take the boat towards Kebnats. It’s time to head home.

map_marker: kvikkjokk

Good to know

This trip demands a lot from you and your equipment. You will receive help and advice regarding what is needed in your pack well in advance of departure.

The day’s program is to be regarded as preliminary and may change depending on weather and water levels. However, the plan is to carry out the trip according to the program.

Before the trip, we will have a digital meeting with all participants and your guide Daniel. Here you get the chance to get to know each other and Daniel will go through everything practical before the trip. After the information meeting, Daniel will also follow up packing etc. individually with each of you, by phone.

You book the journey to and from the start on your own. Your guide Daniel will travel from Gothenburg to Gällivare by train and then bus to Ritsem. If you search for your trip on SJ from place of departure to final destination, you will get the departures that fit with different modes of travel. You then also get a travel guarantee, so that any delays do not affect the ability to reach your destination. Bus 93 from Gällivare to Ritsem on the way up and Kebnats (Saltoluokta) to Gällivare on the way home.

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