From fjord to sea horizon: A weekend hike through the heart of Bohuslän

Welcome to beautiful Bohuslän! During the tour, we hike over high cliffs, through deep forests, along colorful heather heaths, meadows and red granite slabs. All framed by the shimmering sea to the west. We stay in comfortabel accomodations, eat well and get to take part in the rich cultural history of the picturesque coastal communities. The tour is guided by Pathfinder Travels founders, Pelle Aronsson and Nicke Sundström.

Bohuslän is Swedens most western province and located at the Skagerak sea. The landscape is known for its fishing, bare cliffs, salty baths and there are also 20,000 registered ancient remains. More and more people have also discovered the landscape’s great opportunities for coastal hiking through the establishment of hiking trails such as “Soteleden” and “Kuststigen”. But sometimes it can be difficult to arrange sensible accommodation and logistics solutions, something we have solved through this arrangement.

We start the journey with a hike along the dramatic rocky coastline of Åbyfjorden, we follow the marked trail “Soteleden”. We veer off the marked trail and follow the coast towards the sea on small roads and paths towards the nature reserve “Bua Hed”. It´s an incredibly beautiful heath that stretches down towards the sea. After this stage the fjord opens up to an archipelago landscape that we will soon become a part of. From “Tullbodarna” we take the ferry out to Bohus Malmön to have dinner and spend the night at the island’s charming guesthouse.

The next day, we hike around the barren granite cliffs of Bohus Malmön, where small emerald green lagoons are scattered here and there. After lunch, we have a 20-minute minibusride to Väjern and from there we hike to “Sotekanalen” and cross the bridge to Ramsvikslandet nature reserve. We hike in the middle of the island through low-growing pine forests, rock formations, and flower meadows, all the way to Ramsviks Stugby & camping, where we stay the night and enjoy a wonderful seafood buffet.

Our last hiking day can usefully begin with a morning swim before it is time for the Grand Finale of the trip. Today we will hike on the west side of Ramsvikslandet, over the red granite rocks, along the unbroken horizon line of the North Sea, and the delicate meadowlands nestled between the mountains. We cross “Sotekanalen”  again and walk along the coastal trail towards the genuine coastal community of Hunnebostrand. Here we enjoy dinner together before we return to Ramsvik for another early summer night near the horizon of the sea.

The journey is guided by Pelle Aronson and Nicke Sundström, the founders of Pathfinder Travels. They will be with you throughout the trip, responsible for guiding, logistics, and all sorts of adventures. The main luggage is transported by car between accommodations, and you only need to hike with a light day backpack. We are really looking forward to the trip and to quote Pelle: “You are not traveling with us, we are traveling with you!”

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Trip facts

Trip length4 days
Group sizeMin 5, max 8 persons

Included in the trip

  • Accommodation in double rooms for 3 nights (1 night at a guesthouse, 2 nights in cabins)
  • 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts, 1 cooked lunch, 2 picnic lunches
  • All transportation specified in the program
  • Two guides/drivers
  • Transfer from Gothenburg to hiking area and back
  • Luggage transportation
  • Information package with maps

Questions and booking

Do you have questions regarding this trip? Do you want to send us a notification of interest or make a booking?
Contact us on +46 31-707 00 80 or or send an email to

Daily itinerary


We meet at a convenient location in central Gothenburg at 10 am (allowing for connections from elsewhere) after this we have a bus ride of about 1.5 hours to Nordens Ark located by the Åbyfjord. Here, we get ready for today’s hike and make sure to pack what we need in our day backpacks. Nicke will guide us while Pelle continues with the luggage to Bohus Malmön.

We walk down to the beach and follow the marked Soteleden trail on the cliffs along the coastline. The hike is quite technical over rocks and stones, sometimes it is steep both uphill and downhill. We walk calmly and carefully, taking time to catch our breath in the steepest sections. However, the reward is great with magnificent and breathtaking views from a number of lookout points. We eat our packed picnic lunch at one of these lookout points.

After about 5 km, the Soteleden trail turns north, but we continue along the fjord on smaller gravel and asphalt roads as well as trails, passing beautiful meadows, pastures, and forests. In the afternoon, we arrive at Bua Heds nature reserve, one of the best-preserved coastal heaths in Bohuslän. We take a little break to refill our reserves with some snacks, and shortly after the heath, we arrive at the ferry dock at Tullbodarna and wait for the ferry that will take us to Bohus Malmön. Once we arrive to  the island, we walk another two kilometers and check into our accommodation, Pensionat Bohus Malmö, where our luggage is waiting for us. We got some time to shower and relax and then a good dinner and socializing awaits. A great hiking day has come to an end.

As we start the hike around lunchtime, we will arrive quite late (around 7 pm), so dinner will be around 8 pm. However, it’s in good time before sunset (which is around 10 pm).

Length: 20 km. Elevation gain: 375 m+. Time: about 6 hours. Difficulty: Difficult/medium.

Day 2. Bohus Malmön – Ramsvik

Today we have a slightly easier day ahead of us and after breakfast, we start the hike right outside our door on the Kuststigen trail that surrounds the island. The hike is about ten kilometers and go through varied environments and is guided by Pelle. We pass several prehistoric sites that confirm the glory days of the stone-cutting industry. The trail also takes us past incredible lagoons with white, fine-grained sand, barren rocky landscapes, and water that glitters green like the sea around Greece.

We eat lunch on the island and then go with our minibus to the town of Väjern where Nicke meets us. Pelle continues with the bus to Ramsvik while Nicke takes over the guiding. We follow the Kuststigen trail for a shorter distance, then walk on unmarked paths and small gravel roads to the Sotekanal. We follow the canal to a bridge that leads us over to Ramsvikslandet. We then follow a path that crosses the central part of the island through low-growth pine forests, flower meadows over rocks and heaths, until we reach perhaps Sweden’s finest and best-kept camping and cottage village. Here we check in, enjoy the sauna and swimming in the sea before it’s time for a classic seafood buffet.

Length 21 km. Elevation gain: 180+ m, 6 h. Difficulty level: Medium/easy

Day 3. Ramsvik – Hunnebostrand – Ramsvik

Todays hike starts right outside the door and together with Pelle you will walk towards Tångevik where we hike up to Tångehuvud and admire the red granite rocks that were polished by the ice age. We can also see clear traces of the era of stone cutters. We then follow the coastline and have a magnificent view of the sea to the west. The trail bends inland and we walk through a forest before hiking through the rocky landscape down towards Grosshamn’s green beach meadows. After a short section of asphalt, we approach the a farm called “Fykan” where we cross a section of boulder terrain and climb up to the dramatic Sote Bonde. We continue the hike on granite towards the south, overlooking Kung Tryggve’s grave on Tryggön, before we reach the Habo meadows.

We enjoy our picnic lunch before continue hiking up to Sotekanalen and cross the bridge again to follow the coastal path towards Hunnebostrand and Olga’s Bistro, which is a cozy little restaurant with a view of the harbor. Here, we enjoy one last dinner with the group in good company with delicious food and a beautiful view from the restaurant window. We are then picked up by the minibus and taken back to Ramsviks Stugby for a good night’s sleep. (For those who like to fish for sea trout, Nicke won’t be hard to persuade for a bit of night fly fishing.)

Distance: 17 km. Elevation gain: 90+ m, Time: 5.5 hours. Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Dag 4. Hunnebostrand – Gothenburg

After breakfast, we pack up and take the bus back to Gothenburg, where we arrive shortly before lunch. A couple of wonderful hiking days in the heart of Bohuslän have come to an end.


map_marker: Bohus Malmön

Good to know

We mostly hike on trails, but at some parts we walk on small gravel roads and also some shorter stretches on asphalt. The aim of the arrangement has been to maximize the trail sections. The daily stages are about 20 km and the terrain is mostly easy to walk on. The first day is relatively hilly and has steeper sections over logs and rocks, and the other days also include shorter stretches of more technical hiking. In other words, you should have some hiking experience, be mobile, and be in relatively good shape. We hike for about 6 hours per day, but we stop for coffee, lunch, and also for shorter breaks to talk about the places we pass.

It is fine to hike in hiking shoes or boots, but keep in mind that both the forest sections and the rocks can be slippery, so good footwear is important. Before departure, you will receive a small packing list and more practical information.

BAGgage transportation

Your baggage will be transported between our accommodations with our minibus. This means that you will only need to carry what you need for the day. A backpack of about 15 liters is suitable. You should have space for rain gear, some extra clothing, water, and a picnic lunch.

accomodation and food

The price is based on accommodation in standard double rooms but it´s also possible to book single rooms for an additional cost, you can also choose stay in family rooms. Just let us know if you have any special requests.

Pensionat Bohus Malmön 

The guesthouse offers cozy rooms, cottages and a high-class restaurant. They have 170 beds spread over rooms in the hotel and 9 luxurious cottages, fully equipped conference rooms, group rooms, banquet hall and restaurant. A big place that still feels small and familiar. We stay in twin rooms with ironed sheets and have comfortable beds and a private bathroom.

Ramsvik Stugby & Camping

Ramsvik Stugby & Camping is a facility that rests on safe traditions. It all started in 1958 and year after year has offered something for everyone who thirsts for freedom and movement in an unbeatable archipelago idyll on the West Coast. Here you will find a sauna right next to the pier, a beautiful beach and a nice restaurant. We stay two by two in spacious cottages close to the beach with a private bathroom.

Olgas Bistro

Olgas Bistro is a cozy small local restaurant on Hunnebostrand’s quay with a view of the harbor. The goal is to run a familiar local restaurant where everyone is welcome, with a great focus delicious food and matching drinks in a cozy environment with pleasant music, where the meeting and conversation between people are important. When it comes to both food and wine they draw much inspiration from countries such as Italy, Spain, and France.


We plan to leave Central Gothenburg around 10:00 am on Thursday morning, as there is a chance to catch early morning trains from both Malmö and Stockholm. Pelle or Nicke will drive the minibus and after about 1.5 hours, we will arrive at the Norden Ark parking lot, where we will start the hike. We will then walk for about an hour to a nice spot where we will have a picnic lunch that you will bring with you. It is good if you come dressed for hiking, as we will start the hike from the parking lot. We will use the minibus to transport luggage and on day 2, we will also take a shorter ride to reach the start of the afternoon hike. This way, we can optimize the program and “pick the best parts”. On Sunday, we will arrive in Central Gothenburg around 11:30 am, which means there are many options to travel to other places.

If you would like to extend your stay in West Sweden, there are plenty of experiences to choose from.  Read more!

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